Babyshambles estrenan “Farmer’s Daughter”


Sequel to the Prequel nuevo material de Babyshambles esta llegar en el próximo 2 de septiembre bajo el sello ParlaphonePete Doherty dijo en entrevista a la revista NME, el hacer el disco lo energetizó también confesó sigue usando drogas – crack, cocaína y heroina – mismas que no piensa dejar, tendría que perder una mano antes de dejarlas. Abajo lo dicho con sus propias palabras.

“I just thought, ‘Fuck. Where have I been? Why have I not been getting it together?’ We’ve gotta get these new songs together, we’ve gotta play. I just feel energised by it all. Really I do.”

“To get better you have to get worse. When I stop smoking crack, which I have done recently – I am smoking a lot less – my lungs, all of a sudden, start churning out all this horrible shit. Which, while you’re smoking you don’t get the chance to do. It’s almost that the first thing about giving up drugs is to descend into a pitched toe-to-toe street fight with your health.” Asked what would have to change in order for him to stop, Doherty replied: “Probably my sex drive will have to go. Or I’ll have to lose a hand.”

Mientras tanto Babyshambles nos comparten otro corte del material llamado “Farmer’s Daughter”, sin embargo el sencillo oficial “Nothing Comes To Nothing” se estrenara el 26 de agosto.

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